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Experiments and other forms of scientific exploration help us to see how God made the world we live in! We start to explain how things are possible with our findings. However, during Jesus’ time on earth, He did things that are impossible to explain. His greatest miracle of all was dying on the cross and rising from the dead to give us the gift of eternal life. There are kids all over the world who do not know what impossible things Jesus did for them. You can help spread the Gospel right here at church! With your help at Jesus-focused materials to those in communities just like yours that need to hear the Good News!

Mission: US is an outreach project that sends books about God’s love to kids in communities all over the United States. This project focuses on reaching children and families in our own country who have not heard the Gospel or do not have any books about Jesus. By getting your students involved in this project, you will teach them—and the kids they help us serve—that God values all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or social status. God did the impossible for all of us and knows and cares about our struggles. 



Tips for Fundraising

  1. Pick a Goal Number – Be realistic but also dream big! Make your fundraising goal attainable through hard work.
  2. Make your congregation aware – Some members of your congregation may not have a student participating or may not be directly involved with VBS, but they probably are still interested in helping spread the Gospel through Mission US. Let them know about this mission project ahead of VBS and let them know when, where, and how you are taking donations.
  3. Give outsiders information - Whether you send children home with a daily take home sheet or connect with parents before and after VBS, let them know you are fundraising to send books around the US.
  4. Bring in a personal touch – Showing the Mission videos during your daily VBS is a great way to do this, but you can push it further by having a volunteer give a 30 second speech about how a book that changed their faith.
  5. Celebrate – it is exciting to know that people will be given the Gospel through God’s work through your VBS. Celebrate milestones! You can make little rewards for hitting 25%, 50%, 75%, and then a large reward for 100% and above! Maybe if you hit your goal, you pie the pastor! Or maybe you get a pizza party on the last day. Whatever you feel will best motivate your crew!

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