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Posted by Adele Werner on December 18, 2019 at 9:05 AM

You may remember that during the 2019 National Youth Gathering, participants from around the country helped us to pack twenty-six tons of Bibles, books, and other Christ-centered resources. These boxes were sent out to the 1,500 congregations that participated in NYG to encourage evangelism within their own communities.

Once the boxes were out of Concordia Gospel Outreach’s hands, we had no idea how the Holy Spirit would move through the congregations that had received these boxes. We just trusted that He would do His work. We continue to pray for the Gospel to be heard around the country through the materials packed by youth participants.

A few weeks ago, we heard from Chris Boshoven at Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church in Merrillville, Indiana on how they used their box of resources to share Christ’s love in their community. Through their Outreach Committee, they decided to create a “Little Library” on their church’s property featuring some of the titles from their CGO National Youth Gathering box!

Little Libraries

little-libraryLittle Libraries have been popping up all over the country since the late 2000s. From people’s backyards to public parks, these small box libraries are places for anyone to drop by and pick up something to read. It’s a book-sharing movement that has swept the nation and world. The Little Library at Trinity Memorial, built by one of their trustees on the Outreach Committee, is even modeled to look like their church, and it includes a box where members of their neighborhood can leave prayer requests! Using the resources given at NYG to create one of these libraries is wonderful way for the members of Trinity Memorial to spread the Light to people right in their backyard.

Growing the Library

Though the Little Library started with the materials received from CGO after the Trinity Memorial’s participation at the National Youth Gathering, other groups at the church have wanted to add to it or use it. Chris says, “Our Sunday School superintendent has also shared some of the books with non-member families whose children attended our Vacation Bible School.” The women’s book club at Trinity Memorial bought devotionals and inspirational fiction to serve the adults in their community and are putting them in the Little Library this Christmas season.

This past fall, Rev. Rick Boshoven blessed the Little Library and the materials inside. Our prayer is the same as Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church’s: that these materials would be read by those needing to hear the Gospel. It’s not our job to convert, but we know that God works through His people—and His people in Merrillville created a way to shine and share Christ’s light to their community.

There are unchurched people and families in your area. These people need to hear and experience the Good News of Jesus. Will you take a moment to pray for them now? And like the people at Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church, think about what your church can do to spread the Word to those who aren’t currently hearing it.

Help put materials into communities at home and across the Globe.

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Adele Werner

Written by Adele Werner

Adele Werner is a pastor’s wife, a mother, a third-generation Yooper, and a former content marketing specialist for Concordia Publishing House. Devoted to Jesus, she has a passion for serving others and sharing the Gospel. She is an alumna of the University of Michigan, where she majored in media and communication studies, minored in writing, and served in multiple ministries. As an avid consumer and creator of all content, she can often be found watching movies categorized as “Oscar-bait,” listening to podcasts, or reading a good book.