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Bailey Becker

Bailey Becker

Home grown on a local farm right here in St. Louis, Bailey Becker is a copywriting intern at Concordia Publishing House. She attends the University of Missouri-Columbia and is majoring in journalism with a minor in history. When she isn't talking nonstop, you'll find her reading, hiking, listening to music, or anything that involves being outside.

Recent Posts

The Fear of New Beginnings

Posted by Bailey Becker on July 21, 2021 at 12:00 PM

It’s hard to believe that school is starting next month, and I would be lying if I
said I wasn’t nervous about going back to school. I go to the University of
Missouri–Columbia (Mizzou), and in a few weeks, I will have to repack all my stuff and move it back for another year. Don’t get me wrong—I love my school, living
there, and my friends. But I hate new beginnings.

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Life Outside the Lutheran Bubble

Posted by Bailey Becker on July 7, 2021 at 12:00 PM

I have been in the Lutheran church and school community for most my life. Growing up, I had religion class five days a week and went to church every weekend. All the people I was surrounded by were almost always Lutheran, and the combination of all of these things created a Lutheran bubble around me. I never knew about this bubble until it popped.

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