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The Fear of New Beginnings


Life Outside the Lutheran Bubble


Four Bible Verses on Finding Strength in Christ


Reminders for When Joining a Church Feels Uncomfortable


Building Connection through Shared Experiences


Remember to Show Compassion to Others


4 Bible Verses to Reflect on All Things New


What to Do After You Speak God’s Word to Someone


Evangelism Ideas for Transitioning from Pandemic to Post-Pandemic


Preparing for The Gift of the Cross During Lent


Abundant, Wondrous Love: A Devotion for Lent


Four Bible Verses to Remember Our Hope during Lent


Writing Prompts to Encourage Fellow Christians


Authentic Connection in Christmas Evangelism


A Devotion for the Friday after the First Sunday in Advent


Two Prayers for Peace during Troubles


Three Bible Passages to Encourage You to Tell Your Faith Story


How You Can Support Christian Colleges (And Why You Should Care)


Evangelism Ideas for Small, Medium, and Large Churches


A Great Flood: An Even Greater Gospel


Three Times God Has Used Turmoil in His Salvation Plan


The Eighth Commandment and Your Witness


How God’s Word Reaches Remote Alaska


Deepening Relationships during a Summer Apart


Connection and Community: Reasons Young Adults Stay in the Church


Repentance in the Life of a Christian


Spreading the Gospel amidst a Pandemic in Michigan


Emotions and Comfort: Outreach Using the Psalms


Loving Your Neighbor during a Pandemic


God's Word is at Work in Guatemala


Evangelism Challenge: Social Media Edition


Your Life Is a Witness to Christ


A Partnership that Introduces the Gospel


Literacy Outreach through Arch Books


Serving Local Community through a Little Library


Opportunities for Outreach through Service to Others


Spreading the Gospel through Different Talents on Mission in Belize


New Beginnings and Open Arms


Trusting the Holy Spirit when Sharing Your Faith


Learning to Share the Faith through Guided Discussion


Focused on Christ: Planning for Praise during Mission Trips


Sharing God's Mighty Word through the 2019 National Youth Gathering


Pictures Are Worth One Thousand Words and Open Up a Life with God


Spreading the Good News at VBS in Alaska


Bible Verses to Help with Anxiety


Social Media Evangelism


Service Projects for the Youngest Children


Bible Verses about Trust


Bible Verses That Bring Hope


Lasting Damage, Everlasting Hope in Nebraska Flooding


Creating Leaders in Ethnic Communities


Planting a Church for God’s Children in Virginia


Removing Language Barriers to God’s Word in Tampa


Young Leaders and Evangelists Raised Up in St. Louis


Can a Social Media Detox Help Your Faith?


Bringing the Gospel to Kawete, Uganda


Your Gifts at Work in Liberia


When You Don’t Feel Thankful


When Fires Rage


The Fruit of the Spirit: Peace [Free 30-Day Devotion]


God Loves a Cheerful Giver (and Me)


Love in an Age of Likes


Multiplying the Reach of the Gospel


A Bible Reading Plan on Winter


Simple Ways to Share the Gospel during the Holidays


Bible Verses for When Life Is Hard


Simple Ways to Share Your Faith


Easy Service Project Ideas for Kids


A Bible Reading Plan on Grace


A Bible Reading Plan on Mercy


How to Cultivate a Love of Giving in Children (Part 3)


How to Cultivate a Love of Giving in Children (Part 2)


How to Cultivate a Love of Giving in Children (Part 1)


Refreshed in the Word Bible Reading Plan


Bold Christianity Reading Plan


Where Should We Go? Solving the Mission Trip Destination Dilemma


Sharing God’s Word with Syrian and Afghan Refugees


Mission Trip Leadership 101: Eight Comforting Promises for Nervous Newbies


New Beginnings Bible Reading Plan


Why Y? 2017 ALMA Conference to Focus on Millennials in Missions


7 Bible Verses to Encourage You in Your Witness of Jesus Christ


Books Are a “Luxury” and a “Treat” for Deaconess Students in Kenya


From Nostalgia to Normalcy: 8 Post-Mission Trip Essentials


"I Will Treasure This Forever"—Youth Mission Team Shares God's Word in Cormorant, Manitoba, Canada


Conversations That Matter: Supporting New Parents with the Gospel


A Mission Trip Memoir You Better BELIZE!


8 Mission Trip Tips to Help You Serve Smarter


A Concordia University mission grows roots in Guatemala!


A first-grade class changed the world (and you can too!)


Your Simply CHRISTmas donations at work—in Waukesha, Wisconsin!


From flooded to faith filled


Two families in Mexico receive new homes—and lasting spiritual promises!


300 Ugandan orphans receive their first books—Arch Books from CGO!


A Wisconsin family shares the Gospel and God’s love in the “City of Refuge”


Spanish materials from CGO support the work of deaconesses in Nicaragua


Sharing God’s Word with the residents of Pilger, Nebraska


Spanish Arch Books support the work of Mission Central in western Iowa


Shining for Jesus in Canada: Q&A with Ellen Kehe


CGO helps a mission team share the living Word in Belize


Missionaries’ work brings life-sustaining water and living water to Honduran people


New beginnings in Mobile, Alabama


A song for Newtown: Q&A with hymnwriter Gregory Wismar


Bringing hope and healing to Moore, Oklahoma