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Posted by Megan Pellock on August 14, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Children are a gift. Their innocence and imagination make life much more fun. Children are also impressionable, so it is important to introduce them to God and all the wonderful things He does early on.


Pastor Eric Skovgaard of Elm Grove Lutheran  Church in Wisconsin visited Lutheran  Theological Seminary (LTS) in Pretoria, South  Africa. After teaching the student pastors  there, he visited the preschool on campus.  Upon hearing the preschoolers sing, learning  more  about what they do, and spending the  day with them, he  wanted to help them even more—so Pastor Skovgaard donated books to the preschool to help them continue spreading the Word of God.

Concordia Gospel Outreach heard about the LTS preschool and the book donation Pastor Skovgaard had made. CGO was able to match Pastor Skovgaard’s book donation to further share the Good News of Jesus with the children of Pretoria so that they can learn more about Him.

The preschoolers received children’s Bibles and Arch Books, and were so excited to page through their new Bibles. Imke Beier and Karin Niebuhr, the two women who run the preschool, said the children recognized the stories from the pictures, saying, “Look! It’s baby Jesus!” The teachers were just as excited to receive the Arch Books, as they could use them to help the kids learn more about the Bible as part of their faith formation.

LTS is a small preschool that was established to serve the young children of seminarians all over Africa. LTS also provides early childhood training for deaconesses. With thirty-five preschoolers ranging from two to five years old, four training deaconesses, and two teachers, all the books are used to further the Christian education of these young kids.

Because of the donations from Pastor Skovgaard and CGO, the preschool is able to give a copy of My First Bible to their graduating preschoolers. Two of the teachers that completed teacher training—and are returning to their countries of Botswana and Zambia—are also taking home a copy of My First Bible for the preschools where they will be teaching.

You are never too young or too old to learn about God and His Word. No matter where you are, God is with you. Inspired by Christ's love, generous donations like those of Pastor Skovgaard provide resources that enable others—even in faraway places—to receive God's Word and spread His message.


Support organizations like the LTS preschool by providing them with resources to teach the Word of God.

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Megan Pellock

Written by Megan Pellock

Megan Pellock is from Edwardsville, Illinois. She is a senior public relations major at Illinois State University. Megan has been a volunteer at her church’s VBS as well as a child actor in VBS videos. She is formerly an intern for Concordia Publishing House in the Public Relations department.